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The 5 Best Tomahawk Axes Of 2021

If you're looking for a versatile axe that is capable of supporting you through any camping trip, but is also one of the best types of throwing axes on the market, then a tomahawk axe might just be for you! With so many different types of the best axes for sale on the market today, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. So, we'll take a look at different tomahawk axes that you can buy right now, and highlight some of the key features so you understand how they differ from other axes. Then, of course, we'll provide a buyer's guide as usual too!


Comparisson Table

SZCO Supplies Throwing Axe

SZCO Supplies Wooden Axe For Throwing

If it is a more traditional looking tactical tomahawk axe that you are looking for, then you can't go far wrong with the SZCO supplies throwing tomahawk axe. It has a sleek but simple wooden handle, with a black carbon steel blade that really looks great against the warmer tones of the wood. It's incredibly lightweight at only 1.02 lbs, so it would be great for throwing or packing up to take with you if you're camping in the woods. It'll make short work of any brush that you come up against.

This tomahawk axe's overall length is 12 inches, so it is definitely an easy enough axe to transport around with you. The carbon steel has been specifically forged for strength, so the blade will cut well and sink into wood easily during any throwing axe competition. In fact, the tomahawk axes' main purpose was to be a weapon for the Native Americans, so they are probably the best-suited ax for throwing competitions. Though admittedly, you can also find some excellent hatchet axes for this purpose too. Overall, this is a simple but effective tomahawk ax that is definitely worth considering.


Sheffield Sparrow Hammer Tactical Ax

Steel Sheffield Sparrow Hammer Tactical Ax

Don't let the two names confuse you here; it is still the same axe. If you're looking for the ultimate axe that can just as easily help you on a camping trip as it can with your chopping wood needs at home, then this axe is perfect. In terms of design it is probably visually more appealing than the SZCO one listed above, but it is far from traditional too. Its handle is made of nylon fiberglass that handily comes with finger grooves for easy gripping. Its blade is stainless steel but has been finished with a black-oxide, which means it is easily cleaned and resistant to rust. At the opposite end to the razor-sharp blade is a hammer tool, which makes this axe perfect for camping thanks to its versatility.

This tomahawk axe is slightly longer in length, as the handle alone is 14.5", so it is slightly longer than others on this list. It's still relatively lightweight (though remember, the hammer end does come with some extra weight). In terms of throwing axes, this one ought to be avoided. It has really been designed for camping and home use, and it has steered away from the traditional tomahawk purpose in that sense. Still, in terms of its versatility in chopping wood and offering a hammer end too, few tomahawk axes offer quite as much for your money as this one does.


SOG Tomahawk For Throwing

Black SOG Tomahawk For Throwing

If camping axes aren't really your thing, then the SOG tomahawk throwing axe is probably the item you'll lean towards buying. This has been specifically designed for throwing ax competitions and it has to be one of the most competitive ones out there. Although it should also be noted that the manufacturers say it is capable of handling small chopping tasks too, but throwing is where this axe really shines. Not only that, but visually it is striking! The whole design is a sleek black, from blade to handle, and it is incredibly durable. This axe was created to be lightweight for throwing but heavy-duty for sticking in the wood. It also comes with a SOG for life promise, where if you properly maintain the axe any necessary repairs will be taken care of.

At only 19 oz this has to be one of the more lightweight options available. The total length is 12.5 inches, and the blade is made of stainless steel that has been sharpened to a keen edge. In short, this is one of the most durable and lightweight throwing axes specifically designed for competitions on the market today, so it is certainly something you should consider purchasing.


MTech USA MT-AXE8 Camping Multi-tool

MTech MT-AXE8 Camping Multi-tool Made In USA

This is the perfect camping axe, and it is a wonderfully designed tomahawk. Its blade is especially thin and made of stainless steel, allowing its edge to be especially sharp. The handle has been cord-wrapped to improve grip. This is an excellent feature as this axe has been designed with rugged outdoor experiences in mind. It also comes with a Velcro blade sheath for added protection and a handy belt loop for easy transportation as you explore the woods. The handle and blade are made of the same stainless steel, so it is certainly robust and capable of more heavy-duty tasks. It's perfect for chopping and slicing, thanks to its unique design.

It is slightly longer than other ones at 15 and a half inches in length, but its handy belt loop and lanyard make for easy transportation and carrying where necessary. This tactical axe was designed to be used whilst exploring anyway, so placing it in a backpack wouldn't make sense. It is lightweight and its sharp piercing end opposite to the blade is an excellent addition. Overall, this axe is versatile, durable, and excellent for any of your outdoor adventures.


Ridge Runner 17 Survival And Battle Hatchet

Ridge Runner 17 Hatchet For Survival And Battle

The Ridge Runner Survival Tomahawk is really your all-rounder on the list. Designed to be robust enough for chopping tasks but lightweight enough for throwing, this is a brilliant tool to keep with you. The stainless steel blade has been very cleverly designed to allow for holes in the blade head itself, making it more lightweight without compromising the blade's integrity. Essentially, it'll still perform as well as others on the list, but it'll be more lightweight for a better swing. It has a textured hammerhead at the opposite end to the blade, so it can help with pitching your tent too. Its handle is made of a tough TPU, so it won't split, and it has been wrapped in paracord for comfort and better grip.

The total length is 18 inches and weighs 1.8 lbs, but considering its length, that is pretty impressive. It certainly would have been a lot heavier without the holes in the blade, so it works well. This is a very versatile tool but perhaps not the easiest to take with you in a backpack etc, but it is certainly an ax that should be part of your equipment thanks to its use in a variety of situations.


Buyer's Guide Of Every Tactical Ax

Whether it's a camping tomahawk or throwing tomahawk axes that you prefer, you will need to have some idea about what to look out for when purchasing. With so many tomahawk axes for sale, it's hard to know which are the best tomahawk axes. Follow this buyer's guide, and you won't go far wrong!

What Do You Intend To Use Axe For?

More than any of the other axes we've looked at on this website, deciding what you will be using your tomahawk axe for is essential. Maybe you need a camping tomahawk that is capable of chopping your kindling and cutting a route through thick brush so you can explore the woods further. Or maybe throwing tomahawk axes is all you're interested in. The point is, different tomahawk axes are designed with different things in mind. Yes, you can get a versatile one capable of it all, but one that is specifically designed with a single-use in mind will almost always outperform those jack of all trade types!

Handle Length

Throwing tomahawk axes generally perform better with shorter handles, and a camping tomahawk will usually favor a longer handle. You also need to make sure that it is comfortable and safe for you to use too, so if you're slightly taller, you might need to think about a tomahawk with a longer handle regardless of what you are using it for.

Cutting Edge

Whether for throwing or camping, a tactical tomahawk ax with a thinner cutting edge will be more piercing in its strikes, so it is always preferable to look for one that has been specifically designed for this purpose. Look at the length of the cutting edge, too though. Larger ones will be easier to stick into the wood for throwing and easier to slice into the wood for chopping. Longer cutting edges require more material though, so it can become heavier. Some tomahawks like the Ridge Runner combat this with holes in the blade though, so take design into account too! The point is, cutting edge for a tomahawk should be one of your top considerations.


Having one of these 5 axes is a great thing, they will never betray you, and you will be happy to have them. Prices, in our opinion, are excellent. And it is up to you to choose the best and safest. Happy shopping.

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  1. DIY or repair jobs by yourself. But you can only do that if you have the right tools to hand like camping multi-tool axe which is capable of supporting you through any camping trip or any other activities.

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