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The 5 Best Splitting Axes Of 2021

So what is splitting axe and maul actually? Well, it is a tool used for many purposes like cutting woods and trees and can be a weapon. This axe is mostly used for gardening, outdoor camping, or making some furniture out of wood. But there are many more types of splitting axes in the market that people use for different purposes. First, we recommend you to see our 5 best axes for splitting, and then you should read our buyer's guide to know what to look for in an axe.

Fiskars IsoCore 36-Inch Maul

Black Fiskars IsoCore 36-Inch Maul

Fikskars IsoCore 36" is a top-level and high-performable splitting maul and very popular because of the eye-catching looking and attractive shape. It is the best ax at a low price, only $61. If you see it live, you will fall in love with its shape and attractive color combination. 

It's blade-like as a sharp knife. Its compact dimension and lightweight design make it classic. The stability to cut medium-sized wood is enough, weight is only 1 pound, total length 36", sharp blade, and heaving lift head. It's not all; there are other features that are going to attract you. In particular, we like the rubber handle that fills our hands, making a lock-tight grip. Overall it is an excellent splitting axe. So if you buy it, you will be happy to use it, and it will be the best axe for splitting wood in your life.


WilFiks Chopping Axe 15”

Carbon Steel WilFiks Chopping Tomahawk Axe 15”

If you are searching for a small and effective hatchet or axe, then the WilFiks is the best one for you. It is an excellent and small-sized ax at a mid-range price. It is made of carbon steel, and it has stronger than the wooden shaft, which is made of glass fiber. WilFiks is primarily made for invasive cutting angles design for better and effective concern but is also ideal for firewood, gardening, hiking, domestic work, and many outdoor activities. You can easily carry on with your bag pack because of its lovely shape and size with safety due to genuine fiber blade sheath.

You will control it easily with one hand. Its compact size and lightweight design make it unbelievable. Its stability to cut small-sized wood is excellent, weighs only 1.63 pounds, its dimension is 15×4.5×1-inches, and it also has a sharp blade and removable head. Its the blade will probably remind you on a broad axe, but it isn't. However, that's not all; there are other characteristics that will attract you. In particular, peoples like the rubberized handle that fills hands, making a lock-tight grip. So, no need to worry about slipping. This axe is so much nice, and anybody is bound to like it. It also becomes a necessary thing in our daily life for doing small domestic work and other works.


CRKT Freyr Hatchet Axe

Beautiful 16

First of all, it is looking very nice and works the best quality. When you see it first, you will like it for its beautiful shape. Its blade is made of 1055 carbon steel and will provide you with sharpness and durability. Its compact size and lightweight shape make it unbelievable. Its size is small and easy to carry out. Overall, it is perfect for campers, hikers, and outdoor activities. Appropriate to keep the boats and the car.

The hatchet is 16 inches in overall length and handle is 12". The blade itself is durable and lightweight, so you will be able to control it with one hand. Overall weight is less than 2 lbs (weight ensures you don't face any problem using it). Edge is very sharp, so splitting power is excellent. That's not all; the best part of this axe is the wooden handle. So grip will be good, and hands will not slips when you are splitting woods. All in all, it can be the best axe in your life. So you should buy and enjoy the best service.


Gransfors Bruk Maul For Splitting

Gransfors Bruk Maul For Splitting Woods

Are you looking for the latest and traditional axe? And if you are a fan of "Man vs wild", "Running wild", and "Adventure", then this is the perfect splitting maul for you.  It is specially made for vintage and smart people. It is popular for the eye-catching look and very attractive shape.  You can use this axe for many activities and function as camping, fishing, hunting, kitchen, chopping, multitool, survival, tactical, box cutter so on.

It is easily carried on with a bag pack safely due to the genuine leather blade sheath and large shape. The axe is 31.5"  in overall length, and can't be controlled with one hand. Its big size and lightweight design make it excellent for splitting (but it can also serve as felling tree axe). However, it is very stable to cut small and medium-sized wood. Its weight is around 7 lbs, and its dimension is 31.5×8.8×1.7-inches, the blade is sharp (as on every axe), it has lift head, and an excellent wooden handle that fills hands and makes a lock-tight grip.


Husqvarna 30" Large Wooden Splitting Axe

Husqvarna 30

Whenever you think about woodcutting, the first thing that comes into your mind is an axe. If you search for an excellent axe, then the first position is the axe for splitting. Unlike the others, this is not the most popular for the eye-catching shape, but it's very sharp, and it is one of the most expensive. Its size is large and works the best quality. When you see it first, you will fall in love with its beautiful shape (yes you will, believe as).

For its control you will need both hands. Perfect weight allocation and low weight ensure that you won't face any problem in using it. The maul is 30 inches in overall length and with a handle of around 26 inches. Its other characteristics are weight-7 pounds, sharp blade length 5 inches, and heaving lift head. In particular, most of the previous customers like the wooden handle, which makes a lock-tight grip. Overall it is a great wooden handle axe.

If this ax is big for you, then Husqvarna offers 12 more axes in different lengths, so hurry up and offer one for you.


Splitting Axes Buyers Guide:

If you're looking for a new splitting axe, then thinking about what to look out for when purchasing might come in handy. We have put together this buyer's guide to highlight the sorts of things you need to focus on when finding the best splitting axe for you.

1. Blade

If you're in the market for a new splitting and chopping axe, then the first thing to focus on is the blade. There are modern blades, and traditional ones, both are designed for the axes purpose of splitting wood, but thinking about which one is more suitable is a wise decision. Make sure that the axes blade is sharpened to a keen point, and look at how it is connected to the handle to ensure that it is securely held in place. Some secure using steel, and other wood, and others are built as an all in one.

2. Handle

It may just be that some handles are more comfortable for you to hold. But, you should also think about the size of the handle, because the larger handles are designed for taller people. Using the wrong sized axe for you could potentially be dangerous. Think about what size is safest for you to use.

3. Brand

Now, we're not saying that you should only stick to big brands when purchasing an axe for splitting wood. But when splitting axes are for sale, you should take a look at the brands' reputation. You need to make sure that they are reliable, that customers report their products as being safe to use, and that it's a name you can trust. If a brand has a lot of success, it's usually because their products work, so make sure you do some research online before investing in a new splitting maul or axe.

4. Single Vs Double Bit

The 'bit' is just the axe head's cutting edge, but there are two main varieties for splitting axes, and both offer unique advantages. Most splitting axes nowadays are a single bit, and the main advantage of this type of axe is that you can cut wood faster because it is specifically designed for maximum force and speed. That being said, a double bit axe is more suited to those who place accuracy above power and focuses on precision. It indeed does come down to personal choice here, and there are benefits to both, but generally, if you're more experienced with using axes, single might be for you, whereas novices might benefit from the accuracy offered from the double bit. Also, you should learn how to fell a tree with an axe, because you can do that with this type.

5. Weight

Weight is such an easy thing to overlook, especially if you are buying online, but it's important! The heavier the axe, the better it'll be at cutting large pieces of wood. But, if you are a person with a smaller frame, you have to make sure you can handle the axe safely. If you're buying in a store, you can obviously test this out, but if you're buying online, you might need to try out the weight of an item similar, so that you can have some idea about whether it's right for you or not.


Those are the 5 key things to look out for when buying splitting axes. The most important thing to remember is safety. If you can use a product with complete control, then you can be confident that it is the right splitting axe for you.

Do you have some experience with chopping woods? Let us know in the comments. Also, if this ax type isn't what you are looking for, then you should read all axe reviews.

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