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The 4 Best Broad Axes Of 2021

To get the best broad axes that perfectly match your needs, it’s vital that you are clear about what you need the axe for and the features you may want it to have. Put simply, you could never buy the perfect axe unless you know what you are asking for. Just like axe for splitting woods and hatchet axe, if you only want an axe to do household or general wood cutting, we suggest you leave the blog because broad axes are certainly not what you should be looking for. So, what are broad axesThose axes are specifically designed for personalized and artistic woodworking, but can also be used for camping, survival, hiking and more. Our team of experts has thoroughly researched, reviewed, and compiled a list of the 4 best broad axes for sale along with a buying guide to save you from the horrors of bad purchases.


Comparisson Table

CRKT Freyr Outdoor Broad Axe

CRKT Freyr Outdoor Borad Axe

If you ask for an all classic American axe, it has to be this one. Just like any other CRKT tool, this ax has also elevated standards in terms of creativity and utility. Named after a Norse god of prosperity, this axe is made on a memorable history, which gives it an upper hand in value. The classic Viking design of Freyr's deep beard is designed by Elmer Roush, and it has never failed to stand up against any modern workhouse.

It's fitted with a Tennessee hickory carved handle and is precisely made for longevity and ease of use. The axe's exotic blade is hot-forged from carbon steel and gets the ultimate rust resistance passivation treatment to make it any better. If we talk about the features, the 1055 Carbon steel blade has a length of 4.528 inches (115.01 mm)1 and 1.185 inches thick that is hotly forged and finished with Magnesium Phosphate Coating. The axe only weighs 1.79 pounds which makes Freyr a perfect axe for all the artsy woodwork.


Prandi Yankee Hatchet  

Prandi Yankee Small Hatchet

This Yankee from Prandi is a perfect choice if you are on a budget. From edge ground to the handle, everything about this axe is made with robust quality so you can do your work without having to worry about the axe whatsoever. The black epoxy coating on the blade can help the blade from rusting, and the single-bevel cutting edge can enable you to craft exceptional woodcrafts. However, bear in mind, the axe is relatively heavier (3.13 pounds) to hold from one hand.

So, unless you are doing heavy-duty woodcutting or are preparing for a competition, you should think twice before grabbing this one.

Some of this broad hatchet’s features include a blade made with forged steel to increase sturdiness and a cutting length of 5.25 inches, a head weight of 36oz, and a hickory handle material.


Gransfors Bruk Swedish Carving Axe

Gransfors Bruk Swedish Carving Ax

This Gränsfors Board Carving Axe is a very long curved cutting edge with the typical double sides. The axe is specifically a very useful tool for the sculpture and architectural work of creative wood. The handle has a beautiful curve, which suits well within the palm of your hand and gives a natural feel when you swing it across the wood.

Along with that, it allows you to use from either side of the ax. The axe's left side gives an upper hand balance and flexibility when you are doing work that requires a great deal of precision. The handle is made of hickory with a weight of 2.2 pounds and a total length of 14.5 inches. The manufacturers of this incredibly-built axe offer a 20-year guarantee to let you use it for many decades to come.


Council Tool Broad Hatchet

Large Council Tool Broad Hatchet

If you are looking for a luxury option, this one's for you. This Large Hatchet Council tool, model 275Brd28c, has a curved handle of 28 inches which can be attractive to use in the workspace. This is often called a shipbuilder axe or a shipbuilder axe. For added stability and protection, it uses a wooden wedge that is crossed together with a metal wedge. The axe offers a medium-sized tool sharpened in a centered style which makes it perfect for cutting. It has a bevel blade on two sides to increase your build.

The light head of 2 to 3/4 pounds makes it effortless to hold from one hand. On top of that, to minimize the reduction in shrinkage and avoid loss, the eye section is dried to less than 10 percent humidity. This ax is made with a real leather sheath and coated with a clear lacquer to keep the big hatchet as sharp as possible and safe for safety while not in need.


Broad axes buyers guide:

It is no doubt that it can be daunting to buy an ax. If you buy the right one, it can make crafting wood an effortless job for you, and if the wrong one, it can frustrate you within minutes of using it. Therefore, it is essential that you know the fundamentals to buy the right broad ax for your use. And if this is your first time, there is no way you can proceed without making a checklist of all the things you should consider before buying a broad ax.

However, there are numerous things to weigh before you purchase a broad ax, but if you get the ones mentioned below, you don’t necessarily have to break another sweat searching for more buying guides.


1. The Purpose Of Your Broad Tool

First things first, to buy the right ax you first need to define the purpose of your purchase. Buying an ax for splitting wood and then using that to craft advanced designs on wood, is possibly the worst mistake you could ever make. So before you go on to browse for axes, think of all the possible reasons why you need the ax in the first place. Is it for splitting wood? To cut trees? Maybe household work? Historical reenactments or you simply just need it to cut a little wood for fire and shelter in the woods.

Once you have this question settled, you can look for the ax that is tailored made for your desired purpose. However, if you can’t figure out a single purpose, then you always have the multi-purpose ax as an option too.


2. The Head Weight and Handle Length

Unless it is for wood-splitting and tree-felling competitions, it is never a good idea to purchase heavy axes. Light and long axes offer more flexibility and require less strength to swing your ax around. The additional weight like six pounds just adds more force when swinging.


3. Consider Axe Features

Before you make a purchase, pause because we have a thorough look at the axe's specifications. What is it that matters the most for you? It could be durability, whether the ax can take in heavy-duty work or now detailed-oriented work you want to do. A tiny, broad hatchet is probably a really bad option for you if you spend your time only cutting large logs. If that's the case, go for something individualized. Or if you want your ax is last long, go for an ax that is coated with epoxy or has a leather sheath (scroll up to see the best axes with high durability).


4. Construction Material

The material of the ax, especially the handler plays a big part when you are considering buying a broad ax. According to the experts, many crafters prefer wooden handles over plastic and metal ones.

However, there are few things to keep in mind when it comes to buying wooden handles. The axes that have varnished handles are something you must stay away from. Wooden handles with varnish are slippery when is wet and you certainly don’t want your ax to fly off of your hands every time you’re doing your work.

Coming to plastic handles, they are indeed sturdier and lighter than woods. The only downside is that they don’t give a natural feel as wooden ones do. Therefore, plastic handles are uncomfortable to hold if they have been nicked or damaged. Metal, on the other hand, are the sturdiest but are also hard to replace.



All in all, there are countless axes on the sale in axe-shop for you to make the cut. All you have to do is figure out what kind of ax you want and start from there. If you are thinking of buying an axe from the list mentioned above, you can expect to buy an axe that will prove to last centuries for you. Consider all the features and specs carefully and then make an informed decision based on your requirements. All the best!

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