The 6 Most Popular Axe Head Types

The axe consists of two parts: head (blade) and handle. But of these two elements, the most important is the blade. Handle type is not so complicated to choose because there are not many types. But the blade is much more complicated because there are many types and each has a different purpose. In this blog we will talk about most common axe head types, so let's begin.


1. Double bit

Double bit head. This bit is considered one of the most unused and least useful. It can be used for chopping wood in today’s world, but overall, it is very unsafe and dangerous to use. A lot of people use axes with this kind of head for collection and decoration. Also, this head originated in the Middle Ages and was used only for war purposes.

2. Viking head

The Vikings (ancient sea warriors) made this head. This head has only one blade that had the shape of an eagle’s beak. In Viking times it was used for everything from wars to making fire. Also today you can use it for everything, from chopping wood to self-defence, but most people still decide to put it in a display case as an exhibition item.

Viking axe head

3. Wide broad blade

Broad blade reminds us of Viking ax. Does it remind you too? However, most other blades have a slightly curved blade, while this one is completely flat. Its specific purpose is to chop wood, but it is not the best for that in our experience. If you opt for this type of blade, we advise you to choose the one with a curved edge on because it is much more effective than flat.

4. Half wedge axe

Suppose you asked us which head is best for the ax. We would tell you this! Half wedge head! Literally, every manufacturer has an axe with a half wedge edge in its offer. And it is most commonly found on tomahawk axes. In essence, this blade is useful for everyone and is especially suitable for splitting and felling wood. Also, because of its size, it can be useful for camping and surviving.

half wedge axe head

5. Michigan axe

For Michigan and half wedge head can be said that they are related. When you look at the pictures, you will notice that they are very similar. The Michigan head has an extra edge that goes up, resembling a broad ax. In essence, this one is very good for all kinds of jobs. You can most often find it on splitting axe and some other subspecies.

6. Hoosier edge

You know that in the main we leave the best for last. Well, in this blog, we left that out. Namely, the Hoosier ax is another relative of Michigan and half wedge axes. This blade has the widest blade and looks a lot like broad, but it is not. The functions are the same as with the previous two types, so we will end here because this is the last blade on the list.

Axe blade conclusion

We did not list these blades for you to find the most beautiful ones. The purpose of this blog is to explain each existing blade to you and tell its purpose. So we hope we explained to you everything.

If we put out a blade or forgot to add something, please add in the comments.

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