The 4 Tips For Axe Maintenance

Why is ax maintenance so important? Well, every blade starts to blunt after long use. The easiest is to replace the blade with a new one, but it is not necessary (that is axe restoring). A far better option is to maintain the ax frequently, and its life will be longer (and you will also save money). However, ax maintenance is an action that results in a longer ax life. Well, enough talking, let’s teach you how to maintain and care for an ax.

1. Sharp the blade periodically

The handle is an essential part of the ax. But what makes an ax what it is is a blade. Without a good blade, the ax is useless. Am I right?

Well, let’s say you bought an ax a year ago, and you used it almost every day. You will probably notice that the blade’s sharpness a year ago and now is not the same. The first thought of most people is ‘this one is over, I’m going to buy a new one’. That decision is simple but UNNECESSARY. A far better option is to sharpen the blade with a sharpening stone. That tool is very cheap and easy to use. Literally, you will have a blade of the same sharpness as a new one in a few minutes. Well, we may not be your best friends, but this advice is far better than buying a new one. Keep that in mind!

A man sharpens the blade of an ax with a sharpening stone

How often the blade should be sharpened?

If you have decided to follow our previous advice, you have probably wondered the following "how often should I sharpen an ax?". Well, it's simple. It would be best to sharpen it as soon as you notice that its cutting power is not the same. If you use it every day, you can do it for a few days, and if you use it once a month, then whenever you feel it become dull. We just said that the best tool for this is sharpening stone, but if you have a grinder or anything else, use it (it's much easier and faster)

2. Lubricate blade frequently

It can be said that this blog is more about maintaining the blade than the handle. Well, a handle is an important part, but not the most important one (we'll talk about the handle a little later).

Regular oiling of the blade is essential for several reasons. This layer of oil you apply protects the head from scratches and reduces scratches (scratches destroys and blunts the blade). Also, the oil protects against corrosion and preserves the color of the metal. So, the conclusion is that you don't need to oil blade at all, but it is desirable.

3. When the right time comes-replace the handle

When we talk about the handle, there are two types of axes: ones with removable blade and handle, and with detachable blade and a handle. The difference is obvious; if you have an ax with an unbreakable link, then you can't replace it if it frazzles. Axes of this kind are 99% of the cases made of metal. But if you have an ax with replaceable parts, then keep this in mind, if while using the ax you feel that something is wrong with the handle, replace it, it is better. If you don't do it on time, then the blade can fall off and hurt you during splitting woods. And don't worry about the price of the parts, because you'll regret it if you don't, but it'll be too late.

4. Care axe in sheath

All of the above we can bypass with one thing. With sheath, so keep your ax in the sheath. Sounds very easy? Well, it's very easy. Axes sheath are cheap and easy to care. Of course, you will still sharpen the blade at some point, but if you use sheath, then it won't be that often.


This blog's lesson is that the better you maintain the ax-the longer it will last. We have made an effort to draw the best advice for you from our experience.

And if you have none of the maintenance equipment, check the best kit for ax maintenance on the market.

If you have any questions or you know any other tricks that we haven't listed, share them with us in the comments. And that would be it, see you, guys, next time!

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