The 4 Reasons To Always Carry An Ax With You

Having a best friend by your side in the wild is great, but what if that friend happens to be an ax? There are many advantages that an ax has, but there must be a disadvantage, of course, where there are advantages. Well, today, we will talk about the 4 reasons why you should always carry an ax with you.

1. Building shelter with an axe

Let's imagine a situation where you got lost in the wild with just an ax. The first thing you have to do is find a place and make a shelter there. It requires cutting wood, but there is no concern because the ax was originally made for cutting wood. With an excellent and sharp ax this job will be more than easy (like a cat's cough). For this task, convincingly, the best ax is a camping ax, so hurry up and get one, so it's not too late.

Building shelter with an axe

2. Making fire

Fire in the wild is necessary; it serves to warm you, illuminate your environment (to some extent), protect you from predators (mostly animals are afraid of fire), and help you make food. For fire, it is necessary to have a lighter or firestone and wood. You have to take fire-fighting tools from home, and you can easily find wood in the wild and cut it down with an ax. It’s always important for cutting woods to have a sharp ax; it would be best to always have a sharpening stone with you, and you will not have any worries.

3. Hunting and making food

99% of cold steel weapons were made thousands of years ago. Ancient people invented them to hunt with them, which tells us that any sharp ax can be used for hunting. Unfortunately, it cannot be used for fishing, but killing one rabbit is possible. If you just brought an ax with you, then you will also have to skin that rabbit and cut it with it. In essence, an ax can be used for hunting and food making, but it will be a little harder than a knife.

4. Self defense

Any blade can be deadly. Since the ax has a blade on it, it means it can be very dangerous. There are a lot of dangerous predators in the wild; with one impact you can disable it or even kill it. Therefore, when self-defense, be careful with it, or you will hurt yourself.


We hope these 4 reasons have convinced you to always carry an axe with you. If we left something out, write it in the comments, because it will probably be important to someone. See you next time.

And here you go this excellent video that will tell you in a slightly different and more creative way about ax carrying in the wild.

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