The 3 Tips For Felling Tree With An Axe Safely

Felling a tree is a very dangerous job and requires knowledge and a little skill (there are some similarities with chopping woods). We will try to put all the necessary knowledge and skills in this blog, and we hope these next 3 tips/steps will help you in cutting trees safely. So let’s begin!

1. Pick the necessary equipment

First, to fell a tree, you will need an ax (the best for felling tree is a felling axe), but if this axe does suit you, then look for other axes on the sale in axe-shop. But to keep your axe new, you should use the best axe tools for maintenance.

So much about felling tools, now we will list the necessary safety equipment. With the help of them, you will not cut down a tree, but it will probably save your life if an accident occurs. The most necessary thing is to have one helmet, it will protect your head if a branch is accidentally torn off. The next is a fluorescent/safety vest. What is a safety vest? Well, safety vest helps to alert other people that another human is doing some dangerous work (if you can say so). Also, it would be great if you also have glasses and gloves. There are more accessories, but they are not necessary (you will look like a samurai if you wear it, and it will be strenuous).

Men wearing vest, helmet and gloves for safety reasons

2. Pick you tree

All right, if you’ve got all the necessary equipment, then let’s cut down some wood! First, if you are in woods than you should peek your tree carefully. Pay attention to its position and its surroundings. It will depend on which side the tree will fall on and how hard it will be to pull it out from that position. 

If your tree is in the yard or in an environment where the tree can cause damage, then do the following:

Draw very carefully where the tree should fall - if the tree falls the way you don’t want it to, it can have serious consequences such as a fall on the house, a fall on a car, and in the worst case a fall on a person.

Start cutting tree branches - cutting branches will reduce the area on which the tree will fall, and thus less damage will be done.

Start cutting the tree from the top - for this action it would be best to have a chainsaw. However, start cutting from as high a height as possible because the tree will have a weaker impact when falling (and it will be easier for you to remove that tree from the yard later).

3. Mark the notch on tree and start cutting

Cutting notch perfectly is essential! If you do not do it properly, the wood will fall in the wrong direction, and the consequences will be enormous. So first mark where the notch should be and then start with the cutting its shape.

Namely, if you have correctly marked notch, then start swinging with the axe. This part of the job is long and arduous, so be patient. When the depth of the notch exceeds half the tree’s thickness, then increase the concentration (because it becomes more dangerous). Probably after a few hits, the tree will start to fall, and then you need to move away from it and say out loud “FALL”. If the tree falls where you planned and did not cause any rock, then your job is well done! The next thing you need to do is cut the wood into smaller pieces and remove them or do whatever you planned.


We hope these 3 steps helped you to learn how to fell a tree and remember, safety is paramount. Also, read our blog about the difference between felling and splitting axes, because only they can be used for this.

And have you ever fell a tree? Do you have any advice for beginners? Share with us your opinion in the comments, and of course, we will leave you a video if it is easier for you to gain some knowledge and skills. So, see you next time!

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