How To Replace Broken Axe Head – Quick Tutorial (Step By Step)

Replacing a broken head on an axe takes a certain level of skill and equipment. To get the job done, you'll need to purchase a replacement head, some fastening tools like bolts, nuts, and washers (depending on your axe model), and something that can grind metal. The following are steps on how to replace broken head on an axe.


1. Remove the broken head from the handle

This may be the most difficult step in this process. The best way to do this is to have a friend hold the axe head in place while you unscrew the old head. Obviously, the axe should be unplugged. Put on a pair of heavy gloves before you handle any part of the axe and make sure you're working with a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet.

2. Remove any leftover metal burrs or bits of broken head

Using needle nose pliers or a screwdriver, remove any parts that are still attached to the blade, or at least loosen them so they don't get in your way during step three.

3. Grind the blade

A grinder is an essential tool for making a perfect fit for the new head. The grinder should be set to fine-grinding and can also be used as a file by adding sandpaper to it if needed. The blades must be ground perfectly parallel to each other in order to prevent them from getting out of line throughout use. Sandpaper or emery cloth can also be used on the blade's edge to cut down on grinding time and give it a smoother finish.

Guy use tools to grind the head of an axe

4. Temporarily install head until welding is complete

To get the job done, use bolts, washers, and nuts on the new head (depending on your axe model). The head can be temporarily attached to the handle using clamps to hold it in place.

5. Remove the head again

Apply a thin layer of welding rod covering the blade and the new head for protection. Next, clamp them together and use a welding torch to fuse them together. After the pieces are thoroughly fused, add some more grinding to smooth everything out and make it even.

Important: keep in mind that some axes, like tomahawk axes have fixed blades. So, it's impossible to remove head.

6. Remove all excess metal from blade after welding is complete

Using sandpaper or emery cloth on the blade should remove any remaining material that needs to be taken off from welding. Then reattach the new head with bolts, washers, and nuts before moving on with step seven.

7. Enjoy your new axe head

After the head is properly attached to the handle, it's time to put it to use. Be sure to take good care of your axe and remember that while an axe is a tool, a human hand is also an important part of any job. If you work on a crag every day, be sure that you always have a pack with first-aid supplies on hand for minor injuries.


By following these steps and practicing with your axe before each climb, you can repair your broken head without too much fuss and without having to spend too much money on another tool. Also, feel free to cut wood with axe, so you ensure that replacement process was successful.

Video tutorial:

In case some of you can't follow the steps above we found an excellent video tutorial for you! This guy made in depth video with all required steps during replacing axe head process. You can also check our similar step by step blog about how to restore an old axe.

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